It's been a long time coming but finally I have a cool blog that I can call my own. Most people reading will already know who I am. Discussions of hip hop and life will usually take place here when I have things to talk about.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Good day all

Been a good day for me actually. I just put the finishing touches on a clients big vacation (I'm a travel agent BTW). That's 700$ bucks for the office which should go to paying a few bill around here. Now if this other guy calls back and books we might have another 500$. I know it sound like this was easy but it really isn't. Most bookings we do net us in the 50-100$ range in commisions, so it's not the lucrative business many people think it is. Hopefully though we get a few of these big ones a month, and start doing really well.

Anyways enough about that. It's been a while....more than a week. Not really a whole lot has gone on but a few things might be of interest.

1) Still working on my album. Wrting and brainstorming ideas. The little project I envisioned a while back is getting a little bigger in scope. I wanna make a good record so i'm going for outside help on this on some of the tracks.

2) Gotta call from a guy in the film industry here in Vancouver. He's really interested in the whole undergorund hip hop scene, particularly the guys doing hip hop in christian circles. He called me cuz he wanted to ask me some questions and shoot some ideas off me as a guy who knows a fair amount about the scene but not generally connected to anyone or any particular label. It's in the early stages, but hopefully this will result in a "scratch" style documentary on guy who are using Hip hop as a way to express God's love and salvation to the world. Anyways I shouldn't say much more than that cuz it's right now more on the Hush side of things until things are more laid out and firm.

3) Missionsfest is going on today in Vancouver at Canada Place. It's I think the biggest missions type expo that happens in North America....really huge. It's kind of interesting to see exactly what different missionaries do. It's not just preaching to native tribes in Africa and converting them. Most of these missionaries aren't even pastors.....their doctors, nurses, labourers, or even people that just want to follow God's will by serving others. Something to check out that's cool. I'm gonna go for a few hours tonight. It's also on for tomorrow as well.

Allright some cool songs that i've been listening to lately.

Copeland - Priceless
Love the whole album, but right now this song is the one I go back to. Such a pretty song, one that can make you teary eyed in certain moments. I'm such a geek.

Ohmega Watts - Codename Blue Flowers
Just an instrumental he put up on his myspace site. Very nice hip hop instrumental that has shades of Pete Rock and INI in it.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Something About the Sound

........of Hip Hop when it's done right.

Yep, I'm hyping you up to a DFE/Ohmega Watts collab that is sounding very nice. Gonna make Invasion an album to really look forward to March. Not that it was already.

If you were in Van and listening to 102.7 Coop Radio last night Tarik from DFE and I were on talking about the group. It was kind of funny cuz they kept thinking I was in the crew......I said naw I rep Vancity but I am not in the group. Tarik did most of the talking of course, and I kind of shared my thoughts on the new Nas album, as well as hype the DFE and such. Nice to show Dragonfli a lot of love seeing as it was very spur of the moment that we were on. They played three tracks from Conquest which was cool.

More DFE news seeing as Tarik is in the 604 right now (he heads back to Calgary tomorrow). Next monday Jan 24th is a very special program on CBC. I'll let Tarik break it down...

Breaking news...One of the live videos these guys filmed for CBC-TV's ZeD last year will finally be airing this Monday January 24th. The show starts at 11:25 PM local time on your local CBC television station. I know some Americans can get it too on satellite. I would suggest taping it, because it's going to be an entire show dedicated to urban music videos ZeD has taped. Check the lineup:1. Dragon Fli Empire - D-E-F2. Quannum - Quannum World3. Motion - Rhyme on my Mind4. Vanessa Richards - Lead You To Love5. Saul Williams - Grippo6. Hieroglyphics - Powers That Be7. Hydrophilia - Silence is Defeat8. Art to Go - Mellow Clouds (visual art feature)9. The Goods - Control the Elements10. Art to Go - Silent Crossing (visual art feature)11. Saul Williams Interview

So set your VCR's for 11:25pm sharp. I'm gonna have to find a place that has cable for this. Anyways that's all for now. Peace and love. Pdub.

Monday, January 17, 2005

It's been a lil while

So please forgive me. Things have been a little hectic but cool.

So much info to post up on and so little time.

Ok first off Tarik was out last week and then jaunted down the coast to Portland to hook up with Ohmega Watts from lightheaded on a track. While he was here he worked on a track with Ndidi Cascade from of Canada's most respected hip hop ladies. More or Les from Toronto happened to be by the studio and we managed to get him on the Ndidi/Tarik collab as well as drop a shoutout for Mixations the early stages.

Tarik is heading back up to Van today where he will rock a set at the Lamplighter Pub tonight. If your in the Vancouver area come support some quality hip hop. He will then be kicking around till thursday.

I'm in the very early stages of a project as well. It'll prolly be somewhere in the range of 15 tracks 30-40minutes long. I've always liked short projects, it just seems that the crap generally is less and the album seems more focused. It's tentatively called still life and is a loosely connected journal about the past year and the struggles, and some of the positives that went along with it. Don't know how it'll work out, or even if it will but I just felt that I needed something to channel my creative energy into. As of right now all the tracks are self produced except 1, and guest spots will prolly be kept to a minimum.

Some people that know of my crew CNW will be asking "why a solo when CNW still has to drop". CNW is essentially dormant for the time being. It's just real tough finding any time with K-mak to get together to work. He's got school and work, among other things....and I got my own life as well so you see where i'm going with this. Hopefully in the future that will get off the ground, and maybe if this works that'll pave the way for it. Still i'm hoping that he will squeeze some time to get on this project in some form, either by way of a beat or verse.

As far as style goes, the beats are sounding dark and gritty...lofi. I think things might work out a little more poetic than hip hop, and there will prolly be some tracks that I sing rather than rap on. My brother Micah and I might have a collab....Marley Redemption Song vibe....kind of.

Anyways, peace and love all. P.S. if your on myspace hit me up on there.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Another Day, Another Dollar

but it's Ok, cuz I have none to give.

Instead of this being a update into the wonderful boring life of me. This really is more of a place where I can share my thoughts. Sometimes it'll seem like a play by play of my day while sometimes I'll rant on stuff. Today I actually don't really do either I think except for a few things.

I finally relented and bought a cell phone. I'm on the 20/200 minute plan so I gotta keep the calls to a minimum. It's pretty cool though, it's a camera phone so I've been having fun with that feature. The story behind it was that I had borrowed my Mom's cell phone. Well friday night at like 12:30 in the morning she come into my room and rather angrily demands the cell phone. I tell her I left it in the car. She goes and looks in there and can't find she comes into my room and basically proceeds to tear a strip off me while i'm still trying to figure out what the heck is going on (I'd been sleeping already for an hour or so). I tell her that I had left it in the car and if it isn't there then maybe somebody else has it. Eventually my father looks in the car and finds it in the exact spot where I told my Mom to look. Is my mother going blind or just crazy (seriously she must be stopped). Love my mother with all my heart but sometimes enough is enough. Anyway, I figured with all the hassle I went through with my Mom's phone, might as well get my own.

Anyways gonna share about some cool CD's that i've been vibeing to as well as songs.

Copeland - Beneath Medicine Tree
My younger brother was playing me this and I really like it. I find it similar to Dashboard but with a little more rock to it. Every song is really well written and executed well....just an all round great CD. For fans of Dashboard, and JEW.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Shaheedullah and Stereotypes
Hit and Miss affair for the 3rd member of Tribe, but when it hits it's amazing or shall I say "Tight" which is prolly the best song on there.

Curtis Mayfield - Don't Worry (If There's Hell Below, We're All Gonna Go)
More Political than religious or theological, the song kicks into a solid bass groove that doesn't let up for 6 minutes while Curtis rants on about the ails of society. This is the Soul Master at his peak.....pretty solid percussion too.

Giant Panda - With It
Kind of a Jazzy Hip Hop groove from this multi-ethnic crew out of SoCal. Man if this is the stuff they are gonna be dropping then I can't wait for the full lengther.

Braille - Hip Hop Music (Remix)
Ohmega Watts has a distinct Pete Rock vibe on this one he produced for Lightheaded bandmate Braille. Sivion and someone else I don't remember guest on this. For the 12" and possible re-issue of Braille's stellar album Shades of Grey. Seriously guys pick this album up.

Ok, piece love and kindness to all inhabitants of this ecosystem. Pdub

Thursday, January 06, 2005

White Daze

I awoke to a nice little surprise this morning. It snowed here in Vancouver, which is rare. Not enough to through the city into real chaos but just enough to make it an adventure on the roads. Skidded out and hit a curb in my car on the way to work but everything looks ok.

Onto work and delivering flyers for the business around the neighbourhood. It's kind of fun truggin in the snow, though with some of the houses you got the long uphill driveways that aren't that fun navagating in good weather. At least I didn't break my neck.

Holiday's have come and gone and the company still comes. My friend Tarik is coming next week from Calgary and will be dividing time between here and Portland for the duration. He's in a hip hop crew called the dragonfli empire (the CD I reviewed in an earlier blog). Anyways, you can read his thoughts on coming out at

With him coming out it should make the next few weeks interesting to say the least. I get to play tour guide and show the guy around the Vancity. Maybe we'll hit up a few shows except not too late.

I'm thinking about taking a day trip down to Seattle during that time. Maybe hit up DJ Allstar or something with Tarik. It remains to be seen, I gotta build with the man. He does know his hip hop.

Great news on the music front too. I just recieved word that The Mars Volta's new album is dropping in early march. I heard the lead single and it is interesting. The album is gonna prolly have to build on me since it's 77minutes spread over 5 tracks. However, i've learned that the Mars Volta seldom dissapoint.

That's about all for now. Gotta go figure out the logistics of an online travel agency now. Peace Pauleywood

Monday, January 03, 2005

Back in the Groove

After a lenghthy time off work.....since Wednesday, I was back today and minding business though it is still a little slow. I hope it picks up soon now that Holidays are over. Travel Business seems to operate in reverse of retail sales. The high point for retail is November/December, while people don't really think of travel (unless they've booked 6months in advance.).

Anyway, a new year and not really any resolutions though I do have a secret list of things I would like to see happen this year. Mainly good music. Nothing would make me happier to see somebody like Lil Jon join a weird religeous cult and then drink the purple koolaid. To quote the man himself YEAAAAAAHHHHH!

I guess I shouldn't single him out though because there was worse.......namely eamon. The only reason I'm bringing up this guy because of his obvious talent. No really......It takes a lot of talent to write the single worst song in the history of mankind (yes I remember the Macarena song, unfortunately). F---- It was one of those songs that should have been bleeped entirely.

LL Cool J, where have you really gone. Please did you have to go and sound like every other lousy mainstream flavor of the moment with "Headsprung". You don't need to prove nothing no more, your freakin LL. All your doing is dragging your legacy down a notch. It's time for a retirement party.

Man Oh Man fromagge has got to be one of my favorite shows on Much. Actually it's one of the few shows I watch on there (since they don't show videos anymore). Anyways, Ed the Sock counting the top 40 cheesiest videos of 2004 was awesome and mostly on point. It's too bad that he's only a sock puppet paid by the same corporate hacks feeding us this trash.

Kids please......stay off the drugs, mind the sex (come on do we really need a bunch of lil dimwits) around because their 14 year old parents didn't know enough to wait a few years). Oh yeah, and stay off the booze. Is it just a right of passage that every teenager has to get sloshed at least once? Man if this is the generation that is gonna run the world might as well push the button now.

Allright I'm done ranting. Nice to get that off my chest....Peace.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005 -- Happy New Year

Man I'm gonna keep this real short because I've been pretty sick the past few days and really have no motivation to write a lot.

Happy New Year to all. I hope 2005 is a good year, better than 04 at least, and that things get acomplished. Plus I hope you had a better New Years than me, since I was pretty much laid up for thursday and friday with the stomach flu. Did go to a party last night but really didn't party a whole lot, cept we blew off some fireworks. That was cool.

Anyways not much new today, save that i'll prolly play card with my cousin tonight and a few other people. Peace.