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Monday, January 10, 2005

Another Day, Another Dollar

but it's Ok, cuz I have none to give.

Instead of this being a update into the wonderful boring life of me. This really is more of a place where I can share my thoughts. Sometimes it'll seem like a play by play of my day while sometimes I'll rant on stuff. Today I actually don't really do either I think except for a few things.

I finally relented and bought a cell phone. I'm on the 20/200 minute plan so I gotta keep the calls to a minimum. It's pretty cool though, it's a camera phone so I've been having fun with that feature. The story behind it was that I had borrowed my Mom's cell phone. Well friday night at like 12:30 in the morning she come into my room and rather angrily demands the cell phone. I tell her I left it in the car. She goes and looks in there and can't find she comes into my room and basically proceeds to tear a strip off me while i'm still trying to figure out what the heck is going on (I'd been sleeping already for an hour or so). I tell her that I had left it in the car and if it isn't there then maybe somebody else has it. Eventually my father looks in the car and finds it in the exact spot where I told my Mom to look. Is my mother going blind or just crazy (seriously she must be stopped). Love my mother with all my heart but sometimes enough is enough. Anyway, I figured with all the hassle I went through with my Mom's phone, might as well get my own.

Anyways gonna share about some cool CD's that i've been vibeing to as well as songs.

Copeland - Beneath Medicine Tree
My younger brother was playing me this and I really like it. I find it similar to Dashboard but with a little more rock to it. Every song is really well written and executed well....just an all round great CD. For fans of Dashboard, and JEW.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Shaheedullah and Stereotypes
Hit and Miss affair for the 3rd member of Tribe, but when it hits it's amazing or shall I say "Tight" which is prolly the best song on there.

Curtis Mayfield - Don't Worry (If There's Hell Below, We're All Gonna Go)
More Political than religious or theological, the song kicks into a solid bass groove that doesn't let up for 6 minutes while Curtis rants on about the ails of society. This is the Soul Master at his peak.....pretty solid percussion too.

Giant Panda - With It
Kind of a Jazzy Hip Hop groove from this multi-ethnic crew out of SoCal. Man if this is the stuff they are gonna be dropping then I can't wait for the full lengther.

Braille - Hip Hop Music (Remix)
Ohmega Watts has a distinct Pete Rock vibe on this one he produced for Lightheaded bandmate Braille. Sivion and someone else I don't remember guest on this. For the 12" and possible re-issue of Braille's stellar album Shades of Grey. Seriously guys pick this album up.

Ok, piece love and kindness to all inhabitants of this ecosystem. Pdub


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