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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Something About the Sound

........of Hip Hop when it's done right.

Yep, I'm hyping you up to a DFE/Ohmega Watts collab that is sounding very nice. Gonna make Invasion an album to really look forward to March. Not that it was already.

If you were in Van and listening to 102.7 Coop Radio last night Tarik from DFE and I were on talking about the group. It was kind of funny cuz they kept thinking I was in the crew......I said naw I rep Vancity but I am not in the group. Tarik did most of the talking of course, and I kind of shared my thoughts on the new Nas album, as well as hype the DFE and such. Nice to show Dragonfli a lot of love seeing as it was very spur of the moment that we were on. They played three tracks from Conquest which was cool.

More DFE news seeing as Tarik is in the 604 right now (he heads back to Calgary tomorrow). Next monday Jan 24th is a very special program on CBC. I'll let Tarik break it down...

Breaking news...One of the live videos these guys filmed for CBC-TV's ZeD last year will finally be airing this Monday January 24th. The show starts at 11:25 PM local time on your local CBC television station. I know some Americans can get it too on satellite. I would suggest taping it, because it's going to be an entire show dedicated to urban music videos ZeD has taped. Check the lineup:1. Dragon Fli Empire - D-E-F2. Quannum - Quannum World3. Motion - Rhyme on my Mind4. Vanessa Richards - Lead You To Love5. Saul Williams - Grippo6. Hieroglyphics - Powers That Be7. Hydrophilia - Silence is Defeat8. Art to Go - Mellow Clouds (visual art feature)9. The Goods - Control the Elements10. Art to Go - Silent Crossing (visual art feature)11. Saul Williams Interview

So set your VCR's for 11:25pm sharp. I'm gonna have to find a place that has cable for this. Anyways that's all for now. Peace and love. Pdub.


Blogger jon said...

mannnn the DFE/ohmega track is sooo lovely.

January 20, 2005 at 12:11 PM  

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