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Monday, January 03, 2005

Back in the Groove

After a lenghthy time off work.....since Wednesday, I was back today and minding business though it is still a little slow. I hope it picks up soon now that Holidays are over. Travel Business seems to operate in reverse of retail sales. The high point for retail is November/December, while people don't really think of travel (unless they've booked 6months in advance.).

Anyway, a new year and not really any resolutions though I do have a secret list of things I would like to see happen this year. Mainly good music. Nothing would make me happier to see somebody like Lil Jon join a weird religeous cult and then drink the purple koolaid. To quote the man himself YEAAAAAAHHHHH!

I guess I shouldn't single him out though because there was worse.......namely eamon. The only reason I'm bringing up this guy because of his obvious talent. No really......It takes a lot of talent to write the single worst song in the history of mankind (yes I remember the Macarena song, unfortunately). F---- It was one of those songs that should have been bleeped entirely.

LL Cool J, where have you really gone. Please did you have to go and sound like every other lousy mainstream flavor of the moment with "Headsprung". You don't need to prove nothing no more, your freakin LL. All your doing is dragging your legacy down a notch. It's time for a retirement party.

Man Oh Man fromagge has got to be one of my favorite shows on Much. Actually it's one of the few shows I watch on there (since they don't show videos anymore). Anyways, Ed the Sock counting the top 40 cheesiest videos of 2004 was awesome and mostly on point. It's too bad that he's only a sock puppet paid by the same corporate hacks feeding us this trash.

Kids please......stay off the drugs, mind the sex (come on do we really need a bunch of lil dimwits) around because their 14 year old parents didn't know enough to wait a few years). Oh yeah, and stay off the booze. Is it just a right of passage that every teenager has to get sloshed at least once? Man if this is the generation that is gonna run the world might as well push the button now.

Allright I'm done ranting. Nice to get that off my chest....Peace.


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