It's been a long time coming but finally I have a cool blog that I can call my own. Most people reading will already know who I am. Discussions of hip hop and life will usually take place here when I have things to talk about.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Getting the Blues again

my Zag's knocked out in round 2 in NCAA hoops. It ain't fair I tell ya.

Anyways, besides all that. Baseball season is gearing up. Nothing like a little controversy to get people going off so I'm gonna go of on this whole steroid thing, and why it's a crock of media crap.

1. Government should but out. Don't you guys have better things to do with your perhaps fixing your pathetic public education system. It's prolly the worst out of all the developed countries. When you got some kids graduating out of inner city high school's with 6th grade reading levels then something needs to be done. Baseball is entertainment, it's their sport.....leave them to decide what is good and bad. Education, Health Care, and Crime is government responsibility.

2. I don't condone performance enhancing drugs, but believe it or not that these guys like Bond's, McGuire, Canseco all took these at a time when MLB did not have a drug policy that included steroids. Allan Iverson broke more rules getting busted for weed.

3. Part of the reason this all started was because the media couldn't stand to see Bonds the home run king. Bonds relationship with the media has never been good for a long as he's been around.....since the media (especially in the U.S.) basically set the rules, Bonds is universally loathed. The steroid thing is nothing's like a bunch of writers sat around and tried to frame up Bonds with steroid allegations even though he has done nothing technically wrong (at least according to the rules of the game he participates in. The dug down the rabbit hole though and now we are finding that it's a lot deeper than you think. Bonds broke the most beloved record in sports (from a popular white player also accused of being on the juice) that in turn gave them more fuel for the fire. Roger Maris was hated too, and was so loathed during his career that the stress eventually won and he died several years premature. His biggest regret was breakest the biggest record in sports (wow).

Oh yeah and the media is still racist like a MF. They'll deny it to the end of their days but they'll pay their lip service to black athletes. Is their honestly that many black jerk athletes around, but everything a white athlete says is praised. Gimme a break. Chalk Randy Moss and T.O on the list of OK guys that have been villified by the media.

4. The media has got it in for Barry Bonds......let look at one of America's most beloved athletes. This guy was a womanizer, beat his wife, gambled, smoked like a chimny, and drank heavily. The guy i'm referring to is Babe Ruth, the most legendary ball player in the game. It's amazing how many people idolize him still. However, aside from his amazing skills....he led a pretty f-ed up life. Bonds apart from baseball has a pretty normal life. I'm pretty sure he doesn't drink, nor smoke, nor does he beat his wife (cuz the way the media is on him I'm sure we would of heard of it), in fact hte only thing you got on him is steroids and a frosty relationship with the media. And by know means am I knocking the Babe cuz he was an amazing Ball Player, but his skeletons for the most part have been put to rest (or become part of his lore).

5. Some analyst are so stupid when they call for Bonds stats to be stricken or at least asterisked. Steroids didn't turn Bonds into one of the greatest ball players in history, all it did was make him stronger. His batting average is the tell-tale stat of his hitting skill, while his home run stats are the symbol of strength. Let's not forget that this guy is the only guy to hit 40HR's and steal 40Bases twice (and it's pretty safe to say he did this before the steroids too). Anyway, the only stat I would even consider asterisking is the HR stat (and even that shouldn't be because he technically didn't break any rules).

Anyways, to sum up. The media thinks it's behind the lines though.....before you pass judgement on these ball player's look and point the finger at the group that really got baseball into this pickle, the media.

In other news, DFE put on a rad show at the lamplighter on Monday. NWNB didn't perform because of flu, and Moka Only was a noshow for some reason or another. Anyway, it was nice to see DFE headline.....different sort of crowd (more lowkey, not as hype) but still very receptive to the guys. More news when it happens.....peace.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Oh Fudgy Poo

Wow the text is huge when I type this. Either that or I have super vision. weeeeeee

Monday night is shaping up to be a heck of a night at the lamplighter. NWNB and Dragonfli Empire, are gonna be there. Moka Only is gonna be in the house for sheezy, and maybe Madchild will show up......who knows. Anyways, I'm not sure when the festivities start up, prolly not till after 10pm, but be there. Cover is like 7$.

PS. The Zed taping was awesome, and Moke was cool. New found respect for that guy and what he does. Not that I didn't respect him before.

Saint Paddy's day hit my wallet hard. Beer and Food for real, I'm gonna have to stop going out.

Today's Jam Peachfuzz by KMD (MF Doom's old crew).

Thursday, March 17, 2005


yeah, so how is everyone? Good, then let's begin.

Found myself at a comedy night last night laughing my ass off. The last guy Tim Reiker (I think that's how you spell his name) was outstanding and not too crude which is always nice for comics. Too many seem to go for the gross out, say anything type deal for laughs but this guy was good, commenting on Vancouver traffic, travelling to the Vatican, bantering with the audience (mmmm Green Beer). Definately worth the 5$ cover and beers I downed.

I've been thinking though that I may have the early stages of an ulcer. I'm not sure because I've never had one before, but I've been getting a rather finicky stomach at night. Been popping the Tums like Candy lately. Wouldn't surprise me after all the abuse i've put it through.

Man I was in tough shape yesterday. Made an oath to swear off the fast food, I last ate out Saturday and since then Sunday was pretty easy, Monday-No sweat, Tuesday the voice starts going in your brain.....Gotta Eat mmmmmm Wendy's. Wednesday it takes all my energy to pass up a trip to Wendy's. Today I'd kill for a seriously I will. I've been filling the empty void in my life by binge drinking and chain smoking so hopefully I'll kick the addictive habits I have to fast food no problem.

Tonight is Saint Paddy's day, and yes I'm going out somewhere. Gotta go to a pub and start a fight like all good drunk Irish do. Something about that Green Beer that really goes straight to your head.

It's March madness. First off I gotta let a little cry out for my High School team. Argyle defending champions out in the first round this year....sniff sniff. Tomorrow though I'm at the agrodome full force to watch some excellent b-ball. Steve Nash came out of this tourney a long time ago, and he's arguably the best basketball player right now. More to come.

Also college hoops start today. Fill out my sheet and hope to win my pool....go Zags.

.....and you will know us by the trail of dead. Discuss. Ok well if you don't know about these guys, consider yourself knowed. This group is very cool, art punk type group from Texas. Just picked up their latest and really like it.

Gonna go to CBC, be on TV. Not really, just watching. It's a taping of Zed and Moka Only (formerly of Swollen Members) is doing a performance. Should be cool. I gotta get a copy of his bootleg Martian xmas though.

Allright Peace and Love to y'all. Oh yeah DFE and NWNB at the lamplighter Monday March 21st. Go.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Man O Man

Long meeting last night. It essentially went from 7-11 so four hours of sitting down and hashing stuff through for my church. Anyway.........

New stuff. I got caught up on 24 and was able to watch the show on T.V monday. It now means that I have to wait as well till next Monday before any new developments. grrrr. When I was watching them on DVD I could pop in a DVD and watch 3 or 4 at a time. Oh well, just gotta have patience.

What's up with 50 cent. Kudos to him for conning a bunch of kids into buying his CD....a million or so sold in less than a week? The sad thing is that he was trying to start beef with a bunch of other rappers in a weak attempt to sell records (hey controversy sells). Seems like it worked. Pathetic. Oh well at least he's doing well what he's doing....can't really complain to much (cuz I don't really care.)

Actually what I do care about is the fact that the Mars Volta managed to sell over 120 000 copies of their new Album to sit at number 4 on the billboard charts. That's amazing considering the anti-comercial nature of the CD (not a whole lot of radio stations will play 13 minute long songs). I have a feeling that this album will fly under the radar a whole lot and keep selling well. It's a good record if you have the attention span, or even if you don't, like me.

My friend Dave will like the fact that Jack Johnson was #3. Beat me out, ah well...good for him. I like some of his stuff for sure.

Dert if your reading this I had a problem sending you that stuff again, gonna need to take special measures.

Go to to listen to some dope hip hop.

Conduct, for crying out loud send me the stuff so I can get going.

Mixations 5 is coming soon. Don't have a track listing yet cuz I still gotta put it together though.

What else can I say? Don't do drugs kids, my brother tried them all and he said most of them really for acid (but don't try that one either).

Peace Pauleywood

Friday, March 04, 2005

Doing the..........Pigeon?

People can envy me now that I got to see the legend Pigeon John in action last night at Richards on Richards. It's actually my 3rd time seeing him and got to hang out and yak with him a bit on stuff. Pigeon was the opener but put on a solid set for about 40 minutes, before Lyrics Born hit the stage. I couldn't catch all of Lyrics Born's set cuz I had to work today (where I am right now).

Pigeon is quite possibly the most energetic charismatic emcee I have seen, I didn't know whether to throw my hands in the air or crack up laughing from all the barbs traded with the crowd. Very nice show, and I wouldn't be the least surprised if he blows up.

Also this week came the release of the Mars Volta's new album Frances the Mute. It's an awesome record regardless of the fact that all the songs are 10+ minutes long. I would highly recomend this. 7.99$ at future shop in Vancouver.

Man, I've been on a 24 kick lately. In november I borrowed the DVD's of season 1 from the Library and watched those. Then in January I borrowed season 2 and watched that. Last Month I went through season 3. Now it's season 4 and I'm trying to play catch up. The series is on episode 12, and I'm at 4. Gonna see if I can get caught up by Monday when the new episode airs. Kiefer's the bomb, Carlos is dope too, and who can forget the lovely ladies like Elisha, Reiko, and Sarah.

Man having a library card is great. Didn't have one for the longest time because when I was young I had a bunch of fines on it that wouldn't let me take out stuff (I didn't want to pay the fines). Years later I find that my fines have been cleared, so I grab a new library card. 24 is just one of the cool things I've picked up. I've been working through the PBS jazz series, picked up a book on Pink Floyd, among other things. If y'all don't have a Library Card, then get it. It's usually free to get one (or a very small fee), and you can get lots of cool movies and DVD's (not to mention the books.). I actually gotta go through my stuff and return a few things. Maybe I'll do that tonite.

Anyways, peace. I know it's been a while. Kyle I hope your happy.