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Thursday, January 06, 2005

White Daze

I awoke to a nice little surprise this morning. It snowed here in Vancouver, which is rare. Not enough to through the city into real chaos but just enough to make it an adventure on the roads. Skidded out and hit a curb in my car on the way to work but everything looks ok.

Onto work and delivering flyers for the business around the neighbourhood. It's kind of fun truggin in the snow, though with some of the houses you got the long uphill driveways that aren't that fun navagating in good weather. At least I didn't break my neck.

Holiday's have come and gone and the company still comes. My friend Tarik is coming next week from Calgary and will be dividing time between here and Portland for the duration. He's in a hip hop crew called the dragonfli empire (the CD I reviewed in an earlier blog). Anyways, you can read his thoughts on coming out at

With him coming out it should make the next few weeks interesting to say the least. I get to play tour guide and show the guy around the Vancity. Maybe we'll hit up a few shows except not too late.

I'm thinking about taking a day trip down to Seattle during that time. Maybe hit up DJ Allstar or something with Tarik. It remains to be seen, I gotta build with the man. He does know his hip hop.

Great news on the music front too. I just recieved word that The Mars Volta's new album is dropping in early march. I heard the lead single and it is interesting. The album is gonna prolly have to build on me since it's 77minutes spread over 5 tracks. However, i've learned that the Mars Volta seldom dissapoint.

That's about all for now. Gotta go figure out the logistics of an online travel agency now. Peace Pauleywood


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