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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Good day all

Been a good day for me actually. I just put the finishing touches on a clients big vacation (I'm a travel agent BTW). That's 700$ bucks for the office which should go to paying a few bill around here. Now if this other guy calls back and books we might have another 500$. I know it sound like this was easy but it really isn't. Most bookings we do net us in the 50-100$ range in commisions, so it's not the lucrative business many people think it is. Hopefully though we get a few of these big ones a month, and start doing really well.

Anyways enough about that. It's been a while....more than a week. Not really a whole lot has gone on but a few things might be of interest.

1) Still working on my album. Wrting and brainstorming ideas. The little project I envisioned a while back is getting a little bigger in scope. I wanna make a good record so i'm going for outside help on this on some of the tracks.

2) Gotta call from a guy in the film industry here in Vancouver. He's really interested in the whole undergorund hip hop scene, particularly the guys doing hip hop in christian circles. He called me cuz he wanted to ask me some questions and shoot some ideas off me as a guy who knows a fair amount about the scene but not generally connected to anyone or any particular label. It's in the early stages, but hopefully this will result in a "scratch" style documentary on guy who are using Hip hop as a way to express God's love and salvation to the world. Anyways I shouldn't say much more than that cuz it's right now more on the Hush side of things until things are more laid out and firm.

3) Missionsfest is going on today in Vancouver at Canada Place. It's I think the biggest missions type expo that happens in North America....really huge. It's kind of interesting to see exactly what different missionaries do. It's not just preaching to native tribes in Africa and converting them. Most of these missionaries aren't even pastors.....their doctors, nurses, labourers, or even people that just want to follow God's will by serving others. Something to check out that's cool. I'm gonna go for a few hours tonight. It's also on for tomorrow as well.

Allright some cool songs that i've been listening to lately.

Copeland - Priceless
Love the whole album, but right now this song is the one I go back to. Such a pretty song, one that can make you teary eyed in certain moments. I'm such a geek.

Ohmega Watts - Codename Blue Flowers
Just an instrumental he put up on his myspace site. Very nice hip hop instrumental that has shades of Pete Rock and INI in it.



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