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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Hello Hello

It's the start of the Masters. Not that i'm a huge golf fan, but I do have a passing interest in it (specifically when it's the biggest tournament of the year). My man is Mike Weir, hopefully #2 is in the works.

With the Absence of hockey and me needing my sports fix, I am actually opening up to more sports. Soccer is the big one, and the champions league is going on. I've traditionally been a Liverpool fan, so them beating Juventus 2-1 was nice. I'm waiting til next week and game 2.

Radio Dramas rock. I hate most T.V. with a passion......but there are some really good radio shows out there. When I was younger I was really into Adventures in Odyssey and today I don't follow it as often, but still appreciate it. So I'd thought I'd spill on some of my favorite radio shows. Of course most of these are Christian based, so while the dramas are well done....they do tend to appeal to a universal age.

Adventures in Odyssey - This is the Granddaddy of the current crop having been on the air for close to 20 years and over 500 episodes. The show revolves around the fictional midwest town of Odyssey and the goings on there. Because of the show's family nature a lot of the shows focus on kids. However, every episode is well done in the writing and production elements that everybody should be able to appreciate. Plus there are episodes that do tend to focus more on an older audience as well. Go to for show info and to listen online.

Radio Theatre - Put together by the same people doing Odyssey, this show has been around for about 7 or 8 years and is generally geared to an older crowd. Productions include classics like "A Christmas Carol" and "The Chronicles of Narnia", or new productions like "Father Gilbert Mysteries" (my personal fav) and "The Luke Reports". Some of the finest stage and screen actors in the world have appeared in different productions. to get information on the productions they do.

Down Gilead Lane - This show is very similar to Odyssey and been around for 6 seasons and close to 100 episodes. The show deals with a family living in a small town and their interactions with the townspeople and life. The shows tend to be a little more focus than odyssey in that they don't have episodes that cater to a particular age group like odyssey. While odyssey will write a show that will be of the level of an 8 year old child, or another one that would cater more to teens and adults, DGL episodes tend to stride middle ground, and deal with similar issues. Odyssey deals with the things in DGL plus does history, mystery, comedy in different episodes.

Left Behind - Definately not for kids. Based on the 12 novels, each book is broken down into 12 half hour episodes. Because it's one long story, you pretty much have to start at the beginning and work your way through. The action is awesome, and the production meets the nature of the novels. It feels like a motion picture without the picture. Definately something to check out....specifically if you've read the books.

Allright. There ya go. Perfect for long drives, or if your like me, perfect for those that really need something on your stereo to nod off to.

Monday, April 04, 2005

The 10 Commandments of Music Appreciation

I think most people prolly follow most of these allright enough, but sometimes there are people that get their nose bent outta joint. Y'all need to read and just Chill, your music is cool.....but really it's not the be all and end all of popular music. That honour goes to the Beatles.

So without further adeau I present.

The 10 Commandments of Music Appreciation

1. Thou shalt not hate on music simply because it's popular. Yes good music does occasionally blow up, and deserves appreciation even though it's selling by the million.

2. Thou shalt not hate on a certain group without valid reason. The "they sold out" line does not cut it here. If you don't like a group, then a simple "I'm not feeling them" is fine when asked you opinion on said group.

3. Contrary to your belief, not everyone likes the same music as you. They are not nessesarily musically inferior, they just happen to like different music. Respect other people's opinions, and don't try to start flame wars.

4. Music is to girls what porn is to guys. You guys wanna know why your girlfriend has a crush on Justin Timberlake, then try to explain to her why that naked poster of Carmen Electra is hanging up on the wall of your room. Not really music appreciation, but does explain the existance of Nelly.

5. Talent should not be a determining factor in deciding what you like and not like. For instance a band A has an amazing drummer, guitarist, bassist, singer but they can't write a decent song to save their lives. Band B writes good songs, but maybe do not have they greatest musicianship (not bad, just not up to band A's standards). Go with band B, appreciate music on a whole.

6. When you engage in a serious music discussion.....Please know what your talking about, and if you don't either respectfully admit you know nothing or don't bother participating. For Instance, when talking about the Beatles, try to know more songs than simply "Yellow Submarine".

7. Everyone should have an at least idea about the history of popular music. No guys......but 2pac didn't invent rap music, nor was he even close. It's amazing how ignorant some people can be when it comes to music.

8. Old music doesn't suck compared to new music, nor does unpopular music suck to popular music or vice versa, and everything else. Learn to judge each musical artist by their own merits. Nothing says ignorance more than saying Stevie Wonder sucks compares to Usher because he's old and no longer popular. Having said that, give older music the reverance it deserves because chances are if people are still listening to it, it's prolly good while people prolly don't care where the F--- Eamon went.

9. Music critics follow the same rules as everyone else. Just because they like a certain artist doesn't mean you will. Nor does it mean that a bad review = a bad album. The classic case of this was Led Zeppelin. Rolling Stone hated their albums when they first came out, now Zep is one of the great classic rock groups of all time and those albums certified Classics. Read a wide variety of reviews and if you have the opportunity to, preview the album to decide for yourself.

10. Thou shalt not hate on a group for petty reasons. Reason's can include song titles, album artwork, you've never heard of them, they don't fit with your perspective on life, and others. Like bands need to do anything you want them to do. There is a big difference between being a fan, and then being a selfish prick. Understand that bands do change, you can choose to like or not like.