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Monday, January 17, 2005

It's been a lil while

So please forgive me. Things have been a little hectic but cool.

So much info to post up on and so little time.

Ok first off Tarik was out last week and then jaunted down the coast to Portland to hook up with Ohmega Watts from lightheaded on a track. While he was here he worked on a track with Ndidi Cascade from of Canada's most respected hip hop ladies. More or Les from Toronto happened to be by the studio and we managed to get him on the Ndidi/Tarik collab as well as drop a shoutout for Mixations the early stages.

Tarik is heading back up to Van today where he will rock a set at the Lamplighter Pub tonight. If your in the Vancouver area come support some quality hip hop. He will then be kicking around till thursday.

I'm in the very early stages of a project as well. It'll prolly be somewhere in the range of 15 tracks 30-40minutes long. I've always liked short projects, it just seems that the crap generally is less and the album seems more focused. It's tentatively called still life and is a loosely connected journal about the past year and the struggles, and some of the positives that went along with it. Don't know how it'll work out, or even if it will but I just felt that I needed something to channel my creative energy into. As of right now all the tracks are self produced except 1, and guest spots will prolly be kept to a minimum.

Some people that know of my crew CNW will be asking "why a solo when CNW still has to drop". CNW is essentially dormant for the time being. It's just real tough finding any time with K-mak to get together to work. He's got school and work, among other things....and I got my own life as well so you see where i'm going with this. Hopefully in the future that will get off the ground, and maybe if this works that'll pave the way for it. Still i'm hoping that he will squeeze some time to get on this project in some form, either by way of a beat or verse.

As far as style goes, the beats are sounding dark and gritty...lofi. I think things might work out a little more poetic than hip hop, and there will prolly be some tracks that I sing rather than rap on. My brother Micah and I might have a collab....Marley Redemption Song vibe....kind of.

Anyways, peace and love all. P.S. if your on myspace hit me up on there.


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