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Saturday, June 12, 2010

You and U2

It seems things haven't been going particularly well these past few weeks for U2 despite the release of their commemorative 360 Degree Tour Concert Film. First up came the news that Bono hurt his back and U2 had to cancel their tour, then this past week came the news that U2 producer and collaborator Daniel Lanois was seriously hurt in a motorcycle crash (PS Get well soon). Then today Adam Clayton has sued U2's accountant for mishandling the group's funds. This might be reading into things a little bit but if this was a group problem then the group would deal with it. In the end it looks like Adam might be at odds with the rest of the group on this issue. Top off the "in development hell" spiderman musical and it has been a spring to forget for the world's biggest rock band.

The good news is the release of the concert filmed at the Rose Bowl in October. Now I actually haven't seen the film yet, but I did attend the Vancouver show and also saw the youtube broadcast of the Rose Bowl concert and it should be fabulous. If you saw the 360 tour then you know what i'm talking about, if you had tickets to the North American tour this summer it will tide you over till next year.

Also in the meantime we have been promised new music soon from the group. There is this little album called "Songs of Ascent" that has been in gestation for the past year. Perhaps this little touring setback will allow the boys to go into studio and finish up this record. Also, apparently there is another record out their of songs recorded with Rick Rubin, and the Spiderman soundtrack...whenever that comes out.

For a hint of things to come we have the officially released version of "Soon" that is familiar to fans that attended the 360 tour as the song they took the stage too. Here it is in all it's recorded beauty. It's short, much like an intro to another song but the ambience to it is awesome.


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