It's been a long time coming but finally I have a cool blog that I can call my own. Most people reading will already know who I am. Discussions of hip hop and life will usually take place here when I have things to talk about.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

New School........back from Hell

Actually Mexico but the 3 day drive back was pure hell with the famed Mexico sickness. I'd tell y'all about my trip but there were a ton of things that went on. In short, me and my church went down to build a house for a family down there. It was hard work but fun to do.

Man you know how it is when you like a girl but she doesn't really feel the same way, and in short she's now going out with another guy. Mexico was something like that.........I'm through with actively pursueing her......actually it has been a while....but still when you see girl and guy snuggling, holding hands, smooching etc. it is tough. I guess the thing is that me and this girl are good friends regardless of past history but I can't stand the guy she's going out with and I think he really doesn't like me much either. So it's tough because they want to hang out, I wouldn't mind getting a little of her time, but she really is just a little too into him right now. I need a girl to occupy my time I guess......hmm any suggestions.

Got to hang out with my homey Braille in Salem on Tuesday. If ya'll don't know about Braille then check out That's his label and you can find some of his material there I believe.

Funny note is that.....I'm starting to get comments on the CD. No it isn't out yet, but I've been just been hearing more things straight out of the blue on my DJ work and beats and maybe more people are cool with me then I thought. That's always good to know. For a sampling

Anyways, much love. NFL footbal is on the horizon and I have a team again. I hope I finally win this time. Peace...................Dizzy P

Friday, September 01, 2006

Dilla Dedications

I thought I would take a few minutes to write my thoughts on the Michael Jordan of production, the Muhammed Ali of beats, the Wayne Gretzky of knob twisting etc. etc. It was a huge blow to myself and countless other when we heard the fateful news that day in Spetember that Jay Dee, otherwise known as Dilla, was no longer on this planet.Words cannot not really descrobe just how influential this producer was, from the beats he did to the countless DJ's, beatmakers, producer's, and emcees that he influenced. The hip hop nation lost a close member of the family, and it is still tough knowing that he was still not at his peak. The first time I heard Dilla was listening to Beats Rhymes and Life by Tribe at the production really blew me away. Over the years I kept hearing dope track after track and when I finally did some investigating I found that most of them were done by the same guy. He inspired me to create dope beats, and is still influencing me now in death. So I thought I would put a mix together of some of his lesser known hype cats up on the influence this cat had and to pay my respects to the master. Dilla "King of Beats"

1. Intro2. Kamaal3. Phone Interlude4. Doo Doo5. Untitled Raps6. Instruction Manual7. Turn Me Up Some (Busta Rhymes)8. Dilla Memorium Pt19. Untitled Instrumental Pt110. Donuts11. Dreamy12. Dilla Interview Pt113. Reunion (Slum Village)14. Fuck the Police15. On the 116. Interlude17. As Serious as Your Life Is (4Tet)18. Dilla Memorium Pt219. Dolla (Steve Spacek)20. Interlude21. Circus22. Sometimes Remix (Brand New Heavies)23. Dilla Interview Pt224. Verbal Clap (Dela Soul)25. Gobstopper26. Are You Ready (Slum Village & Jazzy Jeff)27. DIlla Memorium Pt328. Trashy29. Unitled Instrumental Pt230. Secrets of the Sand (Mood)31. Dilla Interview Pt332. Y Remix (The Pharcyde)33. Brazilian Groove34. MC Square35. Dilla Memorium Pt436. Unitled Instrumental Pt337. New Years at Jay Dees (The Roots)38. Shake It Down39. Watchin Smurfs on Shrooms40. Dilla Interview Pt441. Can't Stop This (The Roots)