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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hello From Israel

So it has been a little over two weeks in the holy land and I have been busy. So much so that my blog has been a little neglected. One of the things I am doing is putting together a documentary on the city of Sderot (pronounced like Stir-rOt). Sderot is a mile from the Gaza border and has borne the brunt of Hamas rocket attacks. Most of the people there live in bomb shelters for fear of attack. I was working with a variety of footage that was shot both in Sderot and Washington D.C (the mayor of Sderot visited D.C. in February). I have a rough cut down running about 23 minutes.

One of the other things we did was shoot a program on Holocaust Memorial Day. At 10am the whole country stops and pays respect with a moment of silence much like we do on Remembrance Day. By some weird twist of fate the Durbin 2 conference on Racism took place in Geneva with its keynote speaker being notorious anti-jew hater Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Canada, the U.S.A, and many other countries boycotted this debacle, and many more walked out during his speak. However, still many more stayed and even applauded this monster. Anyways, the show was an attempt to show our frustration on that as well. I ended up editing the thing together and dubbing off copies for our T.V networks across the world.

Tonite is going to be a lot of fun as I am going to a dress rehearal performance of the celebration of Israel's 61st birthday. We are gonna be shooting and my cousin-in-law Adi is choreographing the whole thing. I am just waiting for my ride.

Another thing that is on the agenda is a little freelance photography of the old city, which I hope to do in the next few days. Oh yeah and Tuesday is the actual birthday of Israel (according to the Jewish Calender) and so we are gonna be out celebrating. Pray that God will protect people during the celebration as Al Qaida has made rumblings about doing naughty stuff.

Anyways, I gotta go. Much love and Shalom from Israel. Paul

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Week 1

Well it has been one week since i´ve arrived in Israel and I have been busy.  I have been working to try and edit two separate programs among other things.  One program that we shot on Easter Sunday was edited and a clip shown on Norwegian TV.  Yesterday, me and my Uncle Jay went for a walk down to the green line (the border between Israel and the West Bank) and saw the controversial fence that the world is up in arms about.  The thing that most people 

don´t understand is that the fence has reduced the number of suicide bombings by 95%.  It´s not because Israel wants to be mean, they want to protect their people.  Anyways, I should go but here are some pictures of the fence.  Much love to you all....Shalom from Israel.

Pictures: 1.  Me and David filming on the Emmaus Road 2-4.  Pictures of the fence between Israel and the West Bank

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shalom and Chag Sameach from Israel

(Greetings and Happy Holidays)

Well I have arrived in Israel. I got here early Thursday morning and was picked up by Jay and Meridel Rawlings (my Uncle and Aunt) and taken to their place in Mevaserret Zion. In the afternoon we went into Jerusalem and saw a few of the places where Jesus spent his last days. Then we went to Skull Moutain which a lot of people believe is the actual location of Golgotha and the Garden Tomb.

Now these sights aren't for sure the actual places. With the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD and the subsequent two millenia since a lot of these biblical sights have been buried under rubble and recollections to their exact location have been hazy. Its only been in the past 100 years where they have really tried to find a pinpoint these sights. Still we went to Caiaphas' house, where Jesus prolly spent his last night in the dungeon below the house. It is also the place, in the courtyard, where Peter denied Jesus three times.

Yesterday, Meridel and I did a little shopping while Jay was off getting his phone fixed. In the mall we happened to run into my cousin Chris who was out birthday shopping for his little niece's birthday. Now when you go into a mall in Israel because of the hightened security there are security checkpoints and metal detectors into each entrance. If you park the car in the parkade there is another checkpoint. It is just a part of life here in Israel. Because it is Pesach (passover) here all the products with leaven are forbidden to be sold in keeping with the scriptures. You will go into the grocery store and all that stuff will be covered up in plastic. Right now the big thing is Matzah Bread, which is flat crackery type stuff that you can put jam or hummus or whatever else on. It is prolly pretty good to put something on cuz it is pretty bland otherwise. Anyway, I gotta run but much love from the Holy Land, here are some pictures that I've taken so far.

1. View from my window 2. Inside the Tomb 3. Skull Mountain (possibly Golgotha) 4. My Uncle Jay by St. Peter's Church (Caiaphas' House) 5. Temple Mount (looking from the South) 6. Statue in the courtyard of Peter denying Christ 7. Me in front of the Garden Tomb

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Liverpool Update and Getting Ready to Move On

So it's Tuesday Morning here in London and the past few days I've been laying low and not doing too much. Went to church on Sunday at Holy Trinity Brompton which now is like my official england church. I really like the sermons that past couple weeks, usually they alternate speakers. The first weeks Tim Hughes spoke, and then the next week there was an older gentleman speaking on confession. This past week was on prayer and why do we pray, and just wrestling with the concept. Some insightful observations and you can listen to the sermons at

Liverpool was fantastic, and I really enjoyed myself there. My only regret was not spending more time there because the Scousers (that's what they call themselves) are pretty much some of the nicest people you'll meet (if you can understand them). Of course I went up in my Liverpool FC jersey which endeared me to half the population and made me the arch enemy of the other half. Liverpool has two football (soccer) clubs the other being Everton, and they don't like each other. One guy I met kindly told me to throw my jersey into the bin cuz it's rubbish. Another guy I met told me that there really is only one team in Liverpool (referring to Liverpool FC). I hitched the bus up to Anfield where LFC play and took some pictures and kinda basked in the aura of my fav football team. I would have taken the tour except it started late and I didn't have the time cuz I wanted to see the Beatles Museum. Speaking of that, it was very good. It goes into particular detail on the origins in Liverpool and resconstruct certain Beatle landmarks in liverpool that aren't there any more. I also went to Matthew Street which is where the Cavern Club is located and saw a few groups there. It's been altered a bit from the original cavern club, but it still has the feel and look of all the footage you see of the club from the 60's.

Meanwhile back in London I've been working on compiling video and just going for casual walks. I finally found a gas station in London. There is all these cars but for two weeks I wondered where the gas station was. Yesterday I finally came across the one gas station in London it seems, and I was so in shock I forgot to get a picture. I also went to Paddington Station to see if I could find Paddington Bear. I didn't, but they were selling all kinds of Paddington trinkets. The bear sure is cute, maybe on the way home I'll cop a Paddington bear.

Anyways, I should go. I hope you like all the pictures and video that I have posted. More to come. Much love to all. Paul

Sunday, April 05, 2009

St. Paul's pics, and Yorkie sexism

ok, from top corner clockwise. 1. St. Paul's Cathedral 2. The Bishop of London with PM's Gordon Brown and Kevin Rudd 3. Me in fron of the Stage 4. Gordon Brown (left) and Kevin Rudd 5. The Yorkie (just eating it makes me so sexist)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pauleywood & Kmak vs. Rootbeer Pink Limousine Mashup

Some good times kicking it in the Pink Limousine in London. Pauleywood & Kmak go together like Pigeon John and Flynn or Root & Beer. (I personally think Kyle's the Beer......oh dear).

Another Video Montage

Some of the places shown. In order

1. Riding the Bus 2. In Holburn 3. Lambourghini Dealers in Kensington 4. Russell Square Tube 5. Pigeon outside V&A Museum 6. Canary Wharf 7. Me and Rockband 8. Buckingham Palace 9. Bus & Wall of Buckingham Palace 10. Tower Bridge 11. Piccadilly Circus 12. Drummer 13. More Piccadilly 14. War Graves at Blacon 15. Liverpool Downtown 16. Cathedral 17. Cavern Club 18. Liverpool from the Mersey Ferry 19. British Museum 20. Russell Square 21. Christies in London 22. Royal Courts of Justice 23. Abbey Road (Stills) 24. Royal Albert Hall (Stills) 25. Kyle enjoying a Pint (or six) 26. Canary Wharf 27. Buff RIP

Video and Pics from London

1. Me and John Lennon on Matthew Street in Liverpool 2. Inside the Cavern Club 3. Duchy, Prince Charles Beer

Ok time for the first video live from London. This dude is just amazing on the percussion. Check it out.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Liverpool, Blacon, and the Little Terry that Could.

Hello everybody, i'm currently out of London and on a little trip up to Liverpool. I just got into town and had a brief look around. The place i'm staying in is where Florence Nightingale lived when she lived here, so that is pretty neat. Once again more history. Tonight, I'll catch the bus into town and go to the Cavern Club which is where the Beatles used to play before they became the biggest band on the planet.

Train ride up was cool, but I do get a little queasy looking out the window at scenery rapidly going by so I slept most of it. This afternoon I stopped off in Chester (about 30 miles south of Liverpool) and walked to Blacon Cemetery to see my Great Uncle Nick's grave. There is a lot more I can say about it, but to make a long story short my Uncle was a Pilot who died in WWII.

Other cool goings on, Kyle and I (and a few others) went to Wembley Stadium to catch England vs. Ukraine. Ukraine gave England a bit of a scare but in the end England prevailed 2-1. Crouch and Terry with the goals for England. I did put a couple £'s on Ukraine to win. I was rooting for England but I figured if they lose....I'd have something to cheer me up.

Anyways, that's all for now. I'm actually pretty bagged so I'm gonna go have a nap and then hit the city. Much love to all. Paul