It's been a long time coming but finally I have a cool blog that I can call my own. Most people reading will already know who I am. Discussions of hip hop and life will usually take place here when I have things to talk about.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Random Bits and Pieces of Information

Taking summer off has been a little interesting. Actually I've been busy working and really haven't had the time to collect my thoughts together for the blog. Short posts would be good I know but I get these grandiose Ideas about what I want to post but can't really seem to get them together. Anyways, a few things about what has been on my radar for the summer so far and what is to come.

Summer means a new season of Entourage, which I think is brilliant for several reasons. One, the guest cameos it has from everybody in the business and the stereotypes it allows them to work with. For instance the recurring guest spots that Seth Green pulls on the show playing an asshole incarnation of himself are great (I don't know, maybe he really is an asshole in real life). Last weeks episode with John Stamos and Johnny Drama going at it in Ping Pong was awesome because I used to love Full House as a kid and will always love Ping Pong.

The other reason why I love the show is that the wide variety of music that they use is great. I have discovered some great music just by watching the show. Clearly the guys responsible for clearing the music have a clue. Even if it is poppy music, the music seems to fit the mood at all times.

The only thing that has never happened yet is the fact that a Vincet Chase sex tape has never leaked. You figure that with the amount of ass thing guy gets that a sex tape episode dealing with the PR fallout would be a must. Well, wait no more because apparently an upcoming episode in season 7 will deal with a encounter of an explicit nature involving Mr. Chase and porn star Sasha Gray.

Slum Village's latest album has just been release and in sparing listens so far it is good. Slum Village has been the group that just couldn't cut a break. Flashback 12 or so year when I first started hearing about this dude Jay Dee who had produced the Pharcyde and Tribe Called Quest. Then Fantastic Volume 2 drops and I am hooked. Jay Dee (now going by Dilla) bails shortly after and the tumultuous history of Slum Village descends further into chaos. Original members freak out and go crazy, Dilla and Baatin both pass away within a matter of years of each other. It might be on of the saddest tales in Hip Hop, but they endured to leave us a legacy of 6 great albums with Villa Manifesto (with contribution from all the members past and present, living and desceased here) just dropped. Gonna peep it this weekend.

Anyways, that's all I got. Peace til next time.