It's been a long time coming but finally I have a cool blog that I can call my own. Most people reading will already know who I am. Discussions of hip hop and life will usually take place here when I have things to talk about.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Album Teaser

So I told you guys I was working on an album. I'm gonna give you a little run through on the tracks done so far and a few other little details about it.

So in point form I'll sum up my feelings for things album.

It's gonna be in definitely non-commercial

It's not really hip hop. I think maybe Radiohead covering Charlie Mingus with DJ Shadow on the drums might be an intersting comparison.

It's pretty much all sample based stuff.

It will be instrumental......however there will be different vocal loops and dialogue in there.

So the songs so far. Bear in mind that these are working titles.

Boo Intro
A weird high pitch synth with echoey breakbeats over it and an interesting moaning effect in the middle. A dialogue outro by my pastor about 666 ends the track.

Welcome to the land of breakbeats. This is pretty much high octane fire over some ambient synths. Really like the crisp sound of the drums on this.

Smoothness (or 47 pt2)
This is the second part of 47. Same ambient synths, but different drums, a lot slower, and a nice fender rhodes sample over it. Summer daydreaming stuff.

Midnight Break
More on the chaotic element. However I'm shocked at how many people are digging this. Lots of distortion......and sounds extremely dirty in spots. The breakbeat I dug out for this one was real nice. Not single type stuff, but maybe the one that makes people go huh?

Pleasure Island
Ahh, my little bag of tricks comes out with a dynamic catchy little thing that moves along for 5 minutes or so in its little groove. Drums are more mellow....this is a lounge chillout type beat.

Seven (Pt's 1 & 2)
A good solid backbeat with a great melody. Sounds dense but really simple structure. The closest to a hip hop beat on the album. In fact I might give it to somebody to do a vocal treatment on a remix.

Wave (Dope Session)
Drums fade in and out around different 60's soundtrack samples. This one sounds good but jumps around a bit from place to place.

Battle Me?
This one can be previewed for the sphere beat battle (at least a snippet). I'm not gonna say too much yet cuz I don't want to give it away. (See Midnight Break....similar in stature).

All signs lead this to a possible single release (either this or Seven). This is similar in structure to Pleasure Island except the drums are a but more rugged and gritty. A radio edit runs about 4:30 while the album version will prolly run about 6 minutes.

I haven't fully decided whether or not to include this yet. It is in a bit of an expirimental thing.....however it doesn't grab me like the others.

....till Dawn
This is a beat dedicated to a good friend of mine. My brother contributed a sweet guitar hook that I built it around. Again, it sounds different, but people seem to like it.

A dark hip hop beat with flange drums. The less said the better.

I was thinking about this for and intro before I came up with the one I have now. I don't know if this will make it on. Maybe in a small form.

If it shapes up the way it is now....the running time will be about 45 minutes. Hopefully I'll have a mix of 5 songs up onling soon.

So a funny story......

I got a new job on Saturday. It's gonna be working with people that have disabilities, so it'll be interesting. Anyways, I go to my other job on Monday with the intention of quitting or at the very least scaling back my hours dramatically. So at the end of the day I talk to my boss and before I have the chance to tell him he's like "We're gonna have to let you go". I said I was just gonna ask the same thing......and pretty much that was it. It was a good split........the job didn't pay all that well, but they always treated me pretty well around I'll miss that.

Anyways, I have some free time now for this week to do stuff and get caught up on things before I start my other job next week.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

All Right another update.

So It's been a little while. I guess I kind of suck updating these things. is good right now. I'm in a little bit of a transition phase......perhaps a new job, new place, new country, new CD? well early last year I said I was working on a CD that may or may not see the light of day. Well I've simplified things and I am almost done. Whether it gets put out in official form remains to be seen.

Anyways just putting that in. Gotta run Peace.