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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Week 1

Well it has been one week since i´ve arrived in Israel and I have been busy.  I have been working to try and edit two separate programs among other things.  One program that we shot on Easter Sunday was edited and a clip shown on Norwegian TV.  Yesterday, me and my Uncle Jay went for a walk down to the green line (the border between Israel and the West Bank) and saw the controversial fence that the world is up in arms about.  The thing that most people 

don´t understand is that the fence has reduced the number of suicide bombings by 95%.  It´s not because Israel wants to be mean, they want to protect their people.  Anyways, I should go but here are some pictures of the fence.  Much love to you all....Shalom from Israel.

Pictures: 1.  Me and David filming on the Emmaus Road 2-4.  Pictures of the fence between Israel and the West Bank


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