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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Another Video Montage

Some of the places shown. In order

1. Riding the Bus 2. In Holburn 3. Lambourghini Dealers in Kensington 4. Russell Square Tube 5. Pigeon outside V&A Museum 6. Canary Wharf 7. Me and Rockband 8. Buckingham Palace 9. Bus & Wall of Buckingham Palace 10. Tower Bridge 11. Piccadilly Circus 12. Drummer 13. More Piccadilly 14. War Graves at Blacon 15. Liverpool Downtown 16. Cathedral 17. Cavern Club 18. Liverpool from the Mersey Ferry 19. British Museum 20. Russell Square 21. Christies in London 22. Royal Courts of Justice 23. Abbey Road (Stills) 24. Royal Albert Hall (Stills) 25. Kyle enjoying a Pint (or six) 26. Canary Wharf 27. Buff RIP


Blogger Patricia Stewart said...

This was so well done and very fun towatch. I was in a few of those places when I was in Britian before Marcia was born. Very good music too man. Take care. Love you. Auntie Pat

May 2, 2009 at 9:44 AM  

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