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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Liverpool Update and Getting Ready to Move On

So it's Tuesday Morning here in London and the past few days I've been laying low and not doing too much. Went to church on Sunday at Holy Trinity Brompton which now is like my official england church. I really like the sermons that past couple weeks, usually they alternate speakers. The first weeks Tim Hughes spoke, and then the next week there was an older gentleman speaking on confession. This past week was on prayer and why do we pray, and just wrestling with the concept. Some insightful observations and you can listen to the sermons at

Liverpool was fantastic, and I really enjoyed myself there. My only regret was not spending more time there because the Scousers (that's what they call themselves) are pretty much some of the nicest people you'll meet (if you can understand them). Of course I went up in my Liverpool FC jersey which endeared me to half the population and made me the arch enemy of the other half. Liverpool has two football (soccer) clubs the other being Everton, and they don't like each other. One guy I met kindly told me to throw my jersey into the bin cuz it's rubbish. Another guy I met told me that there really is only one team in Liverpool (referring to Liverpool FC). I hitched the bus up to Anfield where LFC play and took some pictures and kinda basked in the aura of my fav football team. I would have taken the tour except it started late and I didn't have the time cuz I wanted to see the Beatles Museum. Speaking of that, it was very good. It goes into particular detail on the origins in Liverpool and resconstruct certain Beatle landmarks in liverpool that aren't there any more. I also went to Matthew Street which is where the Cavern Club is located and saw a few groups there. It's been altered a bit from the original cavern club, but it still has the feel and look of all the footage you see of the club from the 60's.

Meanwhile back in London I've been working on compiling video and just going for casual walks. I finally found a gas station in London. There is all these cars but for two weeks I wondered where the gas station was. Yesterday I finally came across the one gas station in London it seems, and I was so in shock I forgot to get a picture. I also went to Paddington Station to see if I could find Paddington Bear. I didn't, but they were selling all kinds of Paddington trinkets. The bear sure is cute, maybe on the way home I'll cop a Paddington bear.

Anyways, I should go. I hope you like all the pictures and video that I have posted. More to come. Much love to all. Paul


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Drat I just left an awesome comment and then had to sign in etc and it erased it. Oh well I just wanted to say that it looks like you are having a wonderful time. Oh yeah now I remember isn't aging a wonderful thing. I thot you already had a Paddngton Bear but then Andrew informed me that it is his. Also the word is endeared not edured although with a Liverpool FC jersey I guess a few had to endure that. :) Take it easy we will be praying for you as you fly to your next destination. MOM

April 7, 2009 at 8:19 AM  

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