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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Liverpool, Blacon, and the Little Terry that Could.

Hello everybody, i'm currently out of London and on a little trip up to Liverpool. I just got into town and had a brief look around. The place i'm staying in is where Florence Nightingale lived when she lived here, so that is pretty neat. Once again more history. Tonight, I'll catch the bus into town and go to the Cavern Club which is where the Beatles used to play before they became the biggest band on the planet.

Train ride up was cool, but I do get a little queasy looking out the window at scenery rapidly going by so I slept most of it. This afternoon I stopped off in Chester (about 30 miles south of Liverpool) and walked to Blacon Cemetery to see my Great Uncle Nick's grave. There is a lot more I can say about it, but to make a long story short my Uncle was a Pilot who died in WWII.

Other cool goings on, Kyle and I (and a few others) went to Wembley Stadium to catch England vs. Ukraine. Ukraine gave England a bit of a scare but in the end England prevailed 2-1. Crouch and Terry with the goals for England. I did put a couple £'s on Ukraine to win. I was rooting for England but I figured if they lose....I'd have something to cheer me up.

Anyways, that's all for now. I'm actually pretty bagged so I'm gonna go have a nap and then hit the city. Much love to all. Paul


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