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Friday, March 04, 2005

Doing the..........Pigeon?

People can envy me now that I got to see the legend Pigeon John in action last night at Richards on Richards. It's actually my 3rd time seeing him and got to hang out and yak with him a bit on stuff. Pigeon was the opener but put on a solid set for about 40 minutes, before Lyrics Born hit the stage. I couldn't catch all of Lyrics Born's set cuz I had to work today (where I am right now).

Pigeon is quite possibly the most energetic charismatic emcee I have seen, I didn't know whether to throw my hands in the air or crack up laughing from all the barbs traded with the crowd. Very nice show, and I wouldn't be the least surprised if he blows up.

Also this week came the release of the Mars Volta's new album Frances the Mute. It's an awesome record regardless of the fact that all the songs are 10+ minutes long. I would highly recomend this. 7.99$ at future shop in Vancouver.

Man, I've been on a 24 kick lately. In november I borrowed the DVD's of season 1 from the Library and watched those. Then in January I borrowed season 2 and watched that. Last Month I went through season 3. Now it's season 4 and I'm trying to play catch up. The series is on episode 12, and I'm at 4. Gonna see if I can get caught up by Monday when the new episode airs. Kiefer's the bomb, Carlos is dope too, and who can forget the lovely ladies like Elisha, Reiko, and Sarah.

Man having a library card is great. Didn't have one for the longest time because when I was young I had a bunch of fines on it that wouldn't let me take out stuff (I didn't want to pay the fines). Years later I find that my fines have been cleared, so I grab a new library card. 24 is just one of the cool things I've picked up. I've been working through the PBS jazz series, picked up a book on Pink Floyd, among other things. If y'all don't have a Library Card, then get it. It's usually free to get one (or a very small fee), and you can get lots of cool movies and DVD's (not to mention the books.). I actually gotta go through my stuff and return a few things. Maybe I'll do that tonite.

Anyways, peace. I know it's been a while. Kyle I hope your happy.


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