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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Man O Man

Long meeting last night. It essentially went from 7-11 so four hours of sitting down and hashing stuff through for my church. Anyway.........

New stuff. I got caught up on 24 and was able to watch the show on T.V monday. It now means that I have to wait as well till next Monday before any new developments. grrrr. When I was watching them on DVD I could pop in a DVD and watch 3 or 4 at a time. Oh well, just gotta have patience.

What's up with 50 cent. Kudos to him for conning a bunch of kids into buying his CD....a million or so sold in less than a week? The sad thing is that he was trying to start beef with a bunch of other rappers in a weak attempt to sell records (hey controversy sells). Seems like it worked. Pathetic. Oh well at least he's doing well what he's doing....can't really complain to much (cuz I don't really care.)

Actually what I do care about is the fact that the Mars Volta managed to sell over 120 000 copies of their new Album to sit at number 4 on the billboard charts. That's amazing considering the anti-comercial nature of the CD (not a whole lot of radio stations will play 13 minute long songs). I have a feeling that this album will fly under the radar a whole lot and keep selling well. It's a good record if you have the attention span, or even if you don't, like me.

My friend Dave will like the fact that Jack Johnson was #3. Beat me out, ah well...good for him. I like some of his stuff for sure.

Dert if your reading this I had a problem sending you that stuff again, gonna need to take special measures.

Go to to listen to some dope hip hop.

Conduct, for crying out loud send me the stuff so I can get going.

Mixations 5 is coming soon. Don't have a track listing yet cuz I still gotta put it together though.

What else can I say? Don't do drugs kids, my brother tried them all and he said most of them really for acid (but don't try that one either).

Peace Pauleywood


Blogger Storm Trooper said...

I like drugs, personally. What are you trying to influence me?

March 9, 2005 at 10:45 AM  

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