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Thursday, March 17, 2005


yeah, so how is everyone? Good, then let's begin.

Found myself at a comedy night last night laughing my ass off. The last guy Tim Reiker (I think that's how you spell his name) was outstanding and not too crude which is always nice for comics. Too many seem to go for the gross out, say anything type deal for laughs but this guy was good, commenting on Vancouver traffic, travelling to the Vatican, bantering with the audience (mmmm Green Beer). Definately worth the 5$ cover and beers I downed.

I've been thinking though that I may have the early stages of an ulcer. I'm not sure because I've never had one before, but I've been getting a rather finicky stomach at night. Been popping the Tums like Candy lately. Wouldn't surprise me after all the abuse i've put it through.

Man I was in tough shape yesterday. Made an oath to swear off the fast food, I last ate out Saturday and since then Sunday was pretty easy, Monday-No sweat, Tuesday the voice starts going in your brain.....Gotta Eat mmmmmm Wendy's. Wednesday it takes all my energy to pass up a trip to Wendy's. Today I'd kill for a seriously I will. I've been filling the empty void in my life by binge drinking and chain smoking so hopefully I'll kick the addictive habits I have to fast food no problem.

Tonight is Saint Paddy's day, and yes I'm going out somewhere. Gotta go to a pub and start a fight like all good drunk Irish do. Something about that Green Beer that really goes straight to your head.

It's March madness. First off I gotta let a little cry out for my High School team. Argyle defending champions out in the first round this year....sniff sniff. Tomorrow though I'm at the agrodome full force to watch some excellent b-ball. Steve Nash came out of this tourney a long time ago, and he's arguably the best basketball player right now. More to come.

Also college hoops start today. Fill out my sheet and hope to win my pool....go Zags.

.....and you will know us by the trail of dead. Discuss. Ok well if you don't know about these guys, consider yourself knowed. This group is very cool, art punk type group from Texas. Just picked up their latest and really like it.

Gonna go to CBC, be on TV. Not really, just watching. It's a taping of Zed and Moka Only (formerly of Swollen Members) is doing a performance. Should be cool. I gotta get a copy of his bootleg Martian xmas though.

Allright Peace and Love to y'all. Oh yeah DFE and NWNB at the lamplighter Monday March 21st. Go.


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