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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Good Day All

It was good for me. I found my missing cd's. For those of you too tired to read my other posts, here is a recap.

"I've Spent the past 2 days (off and on) sorting my CD collection (a huge chore) and find out that my Handsome Boy Modelling School CD and Brian Wilson's Smile are missing. Anyone know where they are? Let me know. Speaking of Brian Wilson, dope CD, I would highly recomend it to anyone, of course if you do happen to find mine, please send it back to me and go buy your own."

Well yesterday I was looking in the garage for some tomato soup for my mom to make up and came across the cd's on the tool shelf. I have an idea about how they got there. I prolly was driving the family van with those CD's in there. My father then cleaned out the car out of all the stuff in there and set the CD's on the shelf there. Glad I found them, It would have sucked to have bought them all over again.

December 29th and I still don't know what i'm doing for New Years. Every place be it club or pub charges a cover and usually it's rather high. I'm hoping that the Rusty Gull will have stuff going down for an affordable price as i'm pretty tight for cash always. People always seem to do crazy stuff for New Years my friend making out with this chick he'd just met to enter in the New Year a few years back (actually maybe it's the alchohol). There is one thing I will do for sure, and that is kick back and inhale the biggest cuban cigar I can find (or the biggest cheap one).

Christmas season brings the family and right now my Aunt and Uncle are in town visiting. They'll be staying till Sunday, while my cousin (different parents) while be coming in to hang out on Thursday. To top that off I find out that my other cousin will be laying over in Vancouver for the day on thursday on her way home from Sydney.

Man really what constitutes dope rap and why am I so baffled when I turn on Much and see so much of the wackness on display. Actually it isn't even that, but rather if I have to turn there and witness another second of either P-Diddy's Making the Band or Newleyweds I'm gonna scream. Actually season 3 of Newleyweds might be interesting with Nick apparently cheating on Jess. I wonder if they cancel the show when the divorce happens or the divorce happens when they cancel the show. The one show there that really is tight is Pimp My Ride. Every Man's dream (besides sleeping with Britney or X-tina) is a dope ride........enter Pimp my Ride, the show where average smucks like myself can strive to have there cars totally pimped out. The only problem is that my car is totally average. It's not enough of a lost cuz for the MTV people to take pity on it and pimp it out, nor is it a hot rod to begin with. I guess that makes me the ultimate loser in this case....sniff.

My brother went shopping and picked my up this "Jesus is my Homeboy" t-shirt. Nice, but i'm a big guy and he got the wrong size. I hope I can find something in my size to rock out to. He also got one that sez "Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks your an idiot". He's repping that one right now.

Man.....I went on a DJ Shadow kick yesterday, dragging out UNKLE and Endtroducing. I will say one thing about Shadow, CRAZY drum samples. Drums of Death Pts 1 & 2 on UNKLE are testiments to that. Kool G Rap rocks out on Pt1 something crazy.....still prolly one of the most amazing songs i've ever heard.

Who doesn't love the BP's. Well maybe you haven't heard of them, but if your from Sphere of Hip Hop of course you know that i'm referring to Pigeon John and B-Twice of the mighty LA Symph family. Dragged that out after a few months and another fun listen. Great album in every reszpect.

I don't have too much more to rant about so I think I'm gonna save it for another day. Peace to all people that are regularly reading this. Hope y'all have a Happy New Year.



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