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Saturday, December 25, 2004

I'm Dreaming of a Wet Christmas

.......just like the ones we always have.

Ah the Pacific Northwest in the Winter. Rain Rain and more rain.....actually the forcast said we might get a little bit of snow on Boxing Day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

We'll Merry Christmas everybody, it's been an eventful christmas so far and it isn't even Noon yet. Anyway, I'll start back on Thursday (which was the date of my last entry). I went to Tim's show and he kicked a nice freestyle with nothing but a guy backing him on the drumkit, definately the highlight. Then I went to Boston Pizza to celebrate my friend Scott's birthday (what is it with birthdays around the holidays?). It eventually turned into a riddle fest, which was part cool, part frustrating. The riddle of the night was this.........

Two Doors. One leads to life, the other to death. There is a guard at each door. One guard always lies, the other guard always tells the truth. You don't know which door is which or which guard is which. You can only ask one yes/no question to one of the guards to find out which door is which.

Anyway, It took me a while to figure it out, but I'm not gonna tell you the answer. At least not right away. Play with it for a bit and see if you can get it.

Yesterday, I called my friend Kyle to find out he was really sick (vomitting and other not-so-pleasant stuff). Initially thought to be food poisoning (he was with us at BP). I quickly debunked that because we basically shared the same thing. I'm thinking it might be the Norwalk virus which is really nasty, but fortunately it's short. I had it last year and it basically knocked me off my feet for a day, but I was fine after that.

Last night we were at church for our christmas eve candlelight service. This year was really cool because we have three different churches in the same building, one is a Iranian church, and the other is a filipino church, as well as our english church. So essentially it was a multicultural service with each church taking up a part of the church. The Iranian church sang a carol in farsi, and the filipino church sang silent night in whatever language they speak. I thought they spoke spanish but the language was different than any spanish I know. Probably they speak a few different languages there.

On to Grandma's after that where we opened up our goody bags. I got some cologne, and candy. Then onto my friends Jen and Jer's place where their family holds huge Christmas Eve parties. They have a teeny house, but some why we managed to cram over 50 peeps into that house. After the party started to die down, a bunch of us got down to business....ROOK. Rook is the be all and end all card game on earth. It's kind of hard to explain except that it is similar to the game hearts, and you have partners. Me and Jen were partners in the game and we were leading thru most of it, but then I had a bad string of hands and another team came up and nipped us at the end. This is no little card game either........we make the world series of poker look like a bantam league. The game went on till about 2am this morning. Then me and my brothers headed home where I spent another half hour wrapping presents (last minute y'alls). Then collapsed on the hide a bed (I'm kicked out of my room because we are expecting company tomorrow) where I listed to Radiohead as I drifted of to sleep.

This morning I get up at around 10 and proceed to drive to my brothers place to wake him up and then we head home to open presents. I did all right........we usually go pretty light on gifts in our family (with 3 birthdays in the mix its usually a lot to buy for, plus money has been pretty tight). I got a couple DVD's, U2's War (the only U2 album I didn't have), a bunch of cool Cd's based on old school Jazz and Blues. Speaking of blues, I saw the most awesome blues band last Saturday, but that's a different story. I also got cash.

Watching T.V now while typing this, and the Queen is on the tube talking about the story of the good samaritan. She looks pretty good for an old gal. I always have liked the Queen even though her family is a little weird. I'm all for the monarchy, at least the queen. It's a cool thing that I think is as much a part of Canadian History and Tradition as it is for the UK.

Anyway, I'm gonna stop now and sleep. Gonna go to Grandma's again to open presents there and to have Christmas dinner. Till later, I wish all of you the very best Merry Christmas, and remember the real meaning behind the season. Take a minute and think about that before you get too caught up in everything else. Ok.



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