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Sunday, December 26, 2004

I'm Baaaack

just a short little update for y'all stuck in boxing day lines trying to save 10$ on that DVD player you've been wanting to grab. Actually I braved the crowds too and picked up Nas' Streets Disciple and The Maroons Ambush.

How about Peyton Manning today? 49 TDs and counting. That's my boy. On a sad note, popular football player and christian Reggie White passed away at the age of 43. My condolences to his family and friends coping with the loss.

Christmas dinner was pretty good, can't get enough of that stuffing. You can kind of imagine where I'm gonna be come January.......the same place where everyone else will be trying to shed their x-mas weight. Man christmas was interesting. I'm not the type of person that easily tells people what I want for x-mas, but there where two things I was hoping for. One was U2's War, which was the only U2 album I didn't have, and the other was the Return of the King 4disc extended edition. I managed to grab both. I think I prolly let it slip about the U2, but kudos to my family for being on the ball and grabbing both.

Man it was cool last night. After I got disgusted at the football game (Billy Volek is on my fantasy team and bombed in the final game), I turned to CBC newsworld to find Peter Mansbridge interviewing the legend himself, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. Most of you know my appreciation for this awesome musician, and so I was stoked. He still looks pretty good considering all the troubles and battles he's faced with drugs, depression, mental illness, not to mention fame. It looks like he's finally at peace with himself and what he's doing now. Anyways, that's pretty much it. Hope everyone had a good x-mas. I'm gonna head out to do a little more shopping.


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