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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello everyone, Greetings from London. I don't know if you have been keeping up on the news at this end of the world but the G20 summit in London kicked off today. I know that many of our worlds leaders including Harper and Obama are supposed to be here at some point. For just the nature of the conference because it is the world leader I would encourage you to pray over this conference as our world leaders try to deal with this economic crisis among other things. Also and more important I would encourage you to pray for the peace of London during this time. A lot of protesters have descended on London and are planning several demonstrations during the next week. While most of these are intended to be peaceful displays, there are a few radicals in the would work that have planned to cause disruption to the city's affairs. Not to mention that the last time a G8 summit was held here terrorists blew up parts of the London underground and a bus (both explosions took place just a couple of blocks away from where I am. It's funny because It's like being in the eye of a hurricane before the hurricane passes. Anyways, pray for good decisions by our leaders, and safety and protection. Pray for the police and army troops to keep order by peaceful means as well. Thanks a bunch. Paul

P.S. Went to the British Music Experience on Thursday which is essentially the history of British Popular music postwar 45- to present. Very good, it's a lot like the Experience Music Project in Seattle. If you haven been to either, and like your rock and pop music then go. They have a display where you can actually record your self playing along with a bunch of instruments and then you go to this site and can download it. Still no pictures. Sorry, internet is sparse at best right now. Much love to you guys in the Van and those people around the world reading. Paul


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