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Sunday, February 22, 2009

New update and the Rebirth

For the next few months I will be going to England and Israel and therefore I will be using this blog to keep people up to date on what Iwill be doing over there.

First off, why Israel?

Why the heck not. It has been something that has been on my heart for a while and finally through the convergence of a number of things I am able to go. I will be able to visit the country and see the holy land where Jesus walked, but I will also be doing volunteer work for Israel Vision which is run by Jay & Meridel Rawlings (also my Aunt and Uncle). So you can keep up to what they are doing through the website

Israel Vision/Jerusalem Vistas (in short, check the website for a more in depth description) is a ministry that uses media to offer up a unique perspective of the holy land through a Christian perspective in it's history, culture, and prophecy. My skills are in radio broadcasting and so I will be there helping to put that together. In the honest truth I am there to help in whatever way I can best serve. If that is lugging cameras places, then I am happy to do that too.

Second off, why England?

England is kind of the fun part of my trip (not that Israel won't be fun, but it'll be work too). My friend Kyle is studying in London and so I will be visiting him for a few weeks on the way. While I am there I hope to get out of London and see a bit of the countryside. One go is to go to Liverpool and visit all the Beatles stuff up there, also I want to go and visit my Great Uncle Nick's grave in Chester (not far from Liverpool). Uncle Nick was a bomber pilot during World War II and he unfortunately crashed his plane and him and his crew died. There is also a marker where the plane crashed that I would like to see as well. Also, Kyle wants to go to Leeds possibly so I will maybe be heading there as well.

So I am waiting with huge anticipation and trying to plan what I can. I encourage all of you to pray for my safety over the course of the trip. Israel is not the most calm country in the world by any stretch of the imagination. I will post updates regularly. My itinerary is as follows.

March 19th - Head to Seattle with my brother to catch Sounder's game (soccer)

March 20th - Fly out of Seattle to London (got a great deal out of Seattle, saved 500$)

March 21st - Arrive in London, hook up with Kyle

April 1st - England vs. Ukraine World Cup qualifying match at Wembley (OH Yeah)

April 8th - Leave London

April 9th - Arrive in Israel

April - July I will be spending it in Israel keeping busy doing various activities no doubt.

July 3rd - Fly Back to London

July 4th - U2 @ Hyde park???????

July 8th - Leave London for Seattle and Home.


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