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Friday, March 12, 2010

The ramblings of a po broke man trying to make it in Vancity.

First off, go there to watch the cool new video for the Gorillaz latest single Stylo.

I enjoy Ewen McGregor, not a huge fan, but do like Trainspotting and watch him in the Star Wars movies where he prolly had the least cringe inducing dialogue of any of the main characters. I heard a few years back about his motorcycle trips that he documented, and then was reaquainted with them when I saw him on Letterman a few weeks ago. Well, I've been watching the first trip he made called Long Way Round and it is fantastic so far. The idea of the journey was to drive from London to New York travelling east on a motorcycle (specially made BMW's) and only flying from Eastern Russia over to Anchorage to continue the North American leg. I'm on episode 2 (of 10) and basically it details all the preparations that need to be made for a trip of this magnitude, and introduces us to the crew, including his friend and travelmate Charlie Boormann. So far they haven't even taken off yet and i'm hooked, so if your interested in following it check out the website at I also think you can watch it on youtube and prolly pick it up at your local library.

Note: Although it is a documentary about motorcycles there is some colourful language that isn't bleeped, so although it doesn't bother me, it might not be the best for children. It's hecka interesting though (and educational).

Here is the first part of episode 1 to get you started.

P.S. The second trip involves travelling from Scotland down to Capetown and looks very interesting as well. I will have to check it out when I finish this one.


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