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Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 The Year in Review

Well Well Well! December 30th and the New Year a little more than 24 hours away. This has been quite a year. I would have loved to say that the music was good (and it was) but I really fell off the map in a few things. The Killers? That came outta left field for me. I'm sure there's more like that too. Suffice to say I heard enough good music that came out this year to bother writing on it. So without further adeau I will go into the year in music from my point of view.

.....and yow will know us by the trail of dead - World's Apart.

The first official 05 release I bought. So what can I say, I liked it a lot. The drums on "Will You Smile" are very nice. It has it's ups and downs but it was a good way to kick off a year.

The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute

For real, anyone who has anything bad to say about the Mars Volta should really just shut the F--- up because their ignorant people. I don't really care if it's not your thing, that's allright. Just don't slag the music and criticize because they don't fit into your nice little music box. There is nobody doing what they are doing in music today and they have the best friggin' drummer in the world. Nuff said. Oh yeah, the album......go get it, I really can't describe it except maybe the 2nd Coming of Zep.

U2 - Vertigo Tour

My brother and I say them on the first date of two sold out shows at Gm Place in Vancouver. There are two reasons why they are the biggest band on the planet right now. First, they care, they really do. They kind of give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Second, they put on the best live show out of any band i've ever seen. Yes there are bands with loads more talent, but going to a U2 show is really something that you have to experience, from the lights, to the crowd, to the songs. Oh yeah, and Bono.

Summer 05

Common - Be

Common went and made an album that was destined to work on so many levels. First off he went and got the hottest and best freakin' producer in the game right now in Kanye West, just a warmup for his big party in August. Then he decided to cut the filler and focus on 11 solid songs. The album is not mindblowin, but I can't think of a more consistent batch of songs appearing on a hip hop album since Nas' Illmatic.

Live 8

The concert of the year. I mean, how much bigger can you get? You had 9 concerts in four continents, all on one day. For London this was the jam along with the Olympics before the big hangover. So many bands......U2, Coldplay, REM, the Who, Paul McCartney, and the "When Hell Freezes Over" moment of the year a reunited Pink Floyd with Roger Waters.

Kanye West - Late Registration

Sooooo Good, as teen girl squad puts it. Not quite the album of the year in my mind, but it comes close. Crack Music was the beat of the year. It tops so many critics best of lists. I don't really buy into all the hype except it was good. The only thing that really dragged this down was that song about his mama. Why does every rapper have to rap about their mama? As Well that stupid "We Broke" interludes were annoying. Other than that "We Major".

Brian Wilson - Smile Tour

Ok, do yourselves a favour. Go to google and type in Brian Wilson and Smile and read up on the record because there is a long story behind this. To cut it short the album was supposed to come out in 1967 and turn the music world on its ear. It didn't, but the album did come out in 04 and Wilson toured it in 05. I was probably one of the younger people at this show at the QE theatre in Vancouver, but I was overwhelmed at being in the presence of....well.....a genius (and legend). This wasn't a performance type show. Brian is not someone who wiggles his ass or busts out crazy dance struts while performing. It's all about the music. For the first half Brian and his multi-faceted band tore through all Wilson's "Beach Boy" classics like "Help Me Rhonda", and "Wouldn't it be Nice". Then he went into a complete performance of the Smile album that was flat out outstanding. Then an encore set featuring his biggest songs, and it was done. An evening with legend.


Ohmega Watts - The Find

This is the album of the year. A funk-hop masterpiece! Yeah, he's my boy, but seriously if you don't appreciate this record there is definately something wrong with you. Give it a listen, if you haven't yet.

The Roots - Westcoast Tour with the Procussions

At the Commodore in Vancouver. I don't need to remind people about this. If you haven't gone to see them yet...GO! One of the best live concert experiences hands down. I got to even meet the group afterwards and also hung with the procussions whom I'm aquainted with through a Mr. Ohmega Watts.

Other things of note this year.

The most prophetic song in history (at least titlewise) is the Tragically Hip's 1989 classic "New Orleans is Sinking". Well sadly as we all know New Orleans did in fact sink this year. My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those people as they struggle to put their lives back together.

The biggest dissapointment this year musically was Blackalicious - The Craft. Many critics hailed this as the album of the year. It was allright but not even close. Blazing Arrow is the far better album in my mind. One thing is has going for it though is that it does sound nice in the club.

Other ramblings

When the mainstream and music are so far apart why do they even bother anymore. Cut the music out of Muchmusic because you don't show sh-- anymore. Nick and Jessica are finally splitting up. Next reality show, how to get a celebrity divorce. Honestly can I shoot them? Throw in Ashley on the side as well. Now we're all praising her endearance and fortitude to come back from a heartbreaking experiece with a Mic on SNL. Awwwwwww. It's not like she died or nothing (too bad). The 25th year anniversary of Lennon's death and it's kind of all gone downhill hasn't it. The Killer's: Who the heck are they? Actually they're not bad, but I certainly wasn't exposed to them by a healthy dose of my local radio station or Muchmusic. It's good music, it's selling......why is it getting harder to find people. Maxim Blender: Never Never Never do a best of song list again because you suck. Ok, I'll give you "Billy Jean" at #1 over "Teen Spirit", but to put "Hit Me Baby One More Time" at #9 and "In Da Club" at #10 proves that you are not much out of elementary school. Groups in 06: The Flaming Lips, Lightheaded, Mars Volta (tour), Pigeon John. Gorillaz: Best cartoon band ever, even better than those Prozzak guys. 80's retro bands, hey we know what your parents were listening to. To the great Pauleywood record that didn't come out, sometime in the next 50 years......I promise (wait maybe 100years).


Gotta still see Munich...... the Aviator was cool (even though it's an 04)......Goblet of Fire is the best Harry Potter movie yet......Narnia was very well done though not quite up to LOTR's status......and enter Peter Jackson with King Kong (I heard it's pretty good).

That's it for 05. Famous last Words?

You are all weirdos! Sam the Eagle.


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