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Monday, May 03, 2010

Funny How Time Flies......

.....When Your Having Fun

So in Honour of it almost being a month since my last entry we have a nice remix of a lesser known Janet Jackson cut from Control, her breakthough album.

So in explanation of my absence I will just say that I have busy for a few reasons the biggest being that I became an Uncle for the first time on April 13th. My younger brother and his wife gave birth to a little girl and named her Abrielle Marjorie Chobaniuk. Abrielle is french for God's gift or blessing I think but i'm not sure, and Marjorie is because of my Grandmother who played a big role in my little bro's life. So there you go, lots of fun and changes your perspective on things a little. Maybe not the same as being a Dad, I have yet to cross that bridge, but amazing none-the-less.

The second thing I have been doing is helping with these weekly music events at the local pub here doing video work and Djing, Judgeing etc. Lot's of good bands, and lots of bands I never want to hear from again but that's the nature of local groups....the chosen are few. Lastly it's playoff time and Canuck fever is upon us.

Anyway, I hope in the next few days to post something up something of a little more substance but there you go.

P.S. RIP GURU and Nujabes, both left this planet way too soon. You will be missed.


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