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Sunday, March 14, 2010


That is, I'm finished watching the Long Way Round doc that I mentioned before. It's quite good from top to bottom, though I would note there is some brief nudity along with the foul language. Some of the highlights of the trip were, the road of bones in Eastern Russia, and how they got their bikes and vehicles through flooded rivers and enormous potholes. There is a scene in Kazakhstan where they are invited to the home of a local and his buddy break out all these machine guns to show them off. The footage in Alaska is stunning as they were able to see a giant brown bear catch a jumping fish in the river with his mouth, plus the glacier footage is great. Overall highly recommended.

I also broke out the movie The God's Must be Crazy and sat down and watched it. Debate to the merrits of this film have come under scrutiny in recent years, and it is largely dated. Still the film is a quite wonderful little movie, humourous not hilarious, simple and sweet. The story itself is a mish mash of plotlines that eventually coincide with each other. Plot A finds us watching the social decay that plagues a tribe of San (called "Bushmen" in the film) hunters when a coke bottle is tossed from an overpassing airplane. Due to the tribe's inability to handle the bottle (you have to see it to understand), the head of the tribe takes it away from the camp to throw it off the edge of the world. Meanwhile Plot B, guerillas have shot up half the country's cabinet and are on the run. Lastly, Plot C involves the decision of a urban journalist to seek teaching employment in rural africa, and her adventures getting there. If you haven't seen it, give it a try. It's prolly not for everybody, but if you give it a chance it is quite a fun movie.

I also watched Finding Forrester which loosely takes the J.D. Salinger (recently deceased author of Catcher in the Rye) story, and builds around it with a very bright African American teenager who is also an amazing writer. Sean Connery stars as Forrester who wrote his only novel in the 50's and has lived as a recluse since. It's one of those emotional bonding stories for like Field of Dreams, or Hoosiers that won't leave a dry eye in the house.

Lastly we have Be Cool. I'm not gonna comment too much as my time is short, but I will say that the Rock steals the show in this movie as the gay henchman. There is also a lot of star power in this movie from Travolta, to Christina Milian, Uma Thurman, Danny Devito. Heck, even James Woods pops in for a few minutes. It's a pretty fun movie so check it out.


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