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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another busy week

Acutally it wasn't quite as busy as last week but it does seem like there is something always on the go. Last friday we filmed two shows. One show was in honour of Jerusalem Day which is the day that the Jews regained Jerusalem in 1967. We went up to Mt. Skopus and filmed it from there. Then I got some good cutaways of the city from both there and the Mount of Olives. The other show was of a Karate group that came to the house and did a demonstration. Then we all sat down and had a BBQ. It seems like BBQ's are in style here and so much food. I'm jealous because I can't seem to eat it all yet i'm the one that gains the weight. Actually, to tell you the truth, I have lost weight, but with all this good food sometimes I wonder.

Yesterday we had a interesting meeting with some Chinese believers who want to translate the show for the Chinese people. It is kind of interesting that China would be such an interesting focus because I have particularly close ties with China right now with friends there and such (some of you know who I mean and why I don't mention much more than that). After the meeting we went to a restaurant in Abu Gosh, which is an arab village (though they are friendly there) and had some good Arab food for lunch. I joked that someone should open up a restaurant called the Wholly Gosh.

In the evening we filmed a show here in the studio with some Americans who had gone into Kurdish Iraq for a short mission stay. It was more of a fact finding mission to see what was needed and what God is doing in that part of the world. PTL that doors are opening ever so slightly for people to take the gospel into that country. Then they took us out for dinner at one of the best steakhouses in the area. Suffering for the gospel can sometimes be hard.

This weekend will be kind of low-key. The car is in the shop which means it is bus or cab to get around anywhere. Next week I am planning to go to Tel Aviv for a few days and also possibly down to the Dead Sea. Hopefully the car will be back on the road in a few days.

That's all for now. All the best from the Wholly Land. Paul


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